Ignite Foundation is proud to partner with:

The International Nutritional Sustainability Partners

The INSP has distributed over 1.7 million pounds of food to needy people and communities in need!

The kitchen table is where politics and compassion intersect

Families are struggling. The number of food insecure families in Washington is soaring. And you can not tell by appearances, who these folks are. At Ignite Foundation we believe in “private solutions to public problems” and that we can live our principles through direct action in our communities.

In keeping with Ignite’s core mission, “to equip the called,” we are very proud to partner with a proven organization that has already provided over 1.7 million pounds of food to need families in our community!

We have a goal to help International Nutritional Sustainability Partners (INSP) raise $30k in 2 weeks to help them fund their next event on March 17th in Redmond, and also purchase a lift kit for their refrigerated truck. Ignite is helping provide technical support and launch this fundraiser to help the INSP team reach their goal!

A word from INSP Founder and Executive Director Brandy Badger

At International Nutritional Sustainability Partners, we’re committed to providing access to fresh and healthy food options for families in need. However, we cannot do it alone. That’s why we’re seeking your support to raise $30,000 for our upcoming Farm to Family food distribution event on March 17th. This event provides families with access to locally sourced and nutritious food options. By donating to our cause, you’re not only helping us organize this event, but you’re also contributing to the health and wellbeing of families in need.

Your support will help us cover the costs of sourcing fresh produce from local farmers, transportation, and storage. It will also help us provide education and resources to families, so they can make informed decisions about their food choices and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Michelle Darnell from Ignite interviews Brandy

“God gave us two hands, one to take of ourselves and one to reach out and help somebody else” – Brandy Badger

Individuals, local organizations and businesses can help!

If you agree that we can not tolerate hunger in our communities and in the idea of “private solutions to solve public problems,” then please generously give to International Nutritional Sustainability Partners, so that they can reach their goal of raising $30,000 and reach thousands of needy families.

Whether you are an individual, a local organization, or a business, it is time we forge community partnerships to solve urgent problems. Join us today!

Click below and see your donation in action!

By supporting our cause, you’re also supporting the growth and sustainability of our local economy. Your donation will not only benefit families in need, but it will also support our local farmers, creating a positive ripple effect in our community. So, let’s come together on March 17th and make a difference in the lives of families in need. Your support can go a long way in promoting nutritional sustainability and making fresh and healthy food accessible to everyone.
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