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Washington for Jo Jorgensen

To be clear: I do not in any way condone the destruction of private property by the rioters. The problems within the criminal justice system can be fixed by implementing reforms. Directing your anger towards your neighbor will not solve the criminal justice system’s shortcomings.

Washington for Jo Jorgensen

#FBF to our whiskey tasting fundraiser for Jo Jorgensen! Our Vice Chair John Bowen, pictured here, wrote a blog about why Dr. Jorgensen is the best choice for #washingtonstate #voters. From her stance on criminal justice reform to the military industrial complex, a vote for Jo is a vote for actual change and a freer society. Click the link to read more! ✨?? #LPKC tinyurl.com/jorgensen-4-wa

No Tax Relief

There has been no tax relief that I am aware of for businesses in Washington State.  While people argue about whether to mask up or not, businesses are dying all around us, and there is NO response from our state government. We have had multiple cycles of tax increases with $27 billion just last session.  …

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