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New candidates often don’t know where to start, what their messaging should be and how to raise money. Other challenges include navigating deadlines, reporting compliance and organizing supporters and volunteers. Our team of politically experienced leaders, technology experts and community activists can help!

Campaign Buddy - Your Digital Campaign Manager

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Meet Alex, your Campaign Buddy! We’ve assembled over 50 individual modules – each with a short video, quiz and assessment to guide you step-by-step through the process of building your team, developing your campaign plan and honing your message. This online program is the only one of its kind! Campaign Buddy features proven methods, tools and the combined political experience of many successful candidates who have gone before you. Enroll today, the first module, “Deciding to Run” is free!

Our Campaign Success Coach - The Manual

This 73 page e-book, written by C. Michael Pickens, contains the basics of what every potential candidate needs to make the decision to run. More importantly, it outlines how to WIN. It is in work-book format, allowing potential candidates to reflect on and articulate their will to run, skills, abilities and resources. Click on the cover to download this important resource!

C. Michael Pickens’ book is not only an excellent handbook for how to organize a functional campaign, but also helps build the mindset for every individual in the team. I thought I knew everything after running my first campaign. This book shows how to go about taking actions to give your campaign peak efficiency. This book is both motivational and inspirational. I am excited to be putting these skills to use currently helping out on another campaign, and can’t wait to put them to use on my second campaign!
Joe Hannoush
Libertarian Candidate and Activist
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R.E.A.C.H. for the Win! - by Michelle Darnell, President of Ignite Foundation

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Our President, Michelle Darnell, presents a concise overview for candidates and outlines key principles (Recruit, Educate, Activate, Challenge and Harnessing Power). The intro paragraph: “There has never been a better or more critical time for our party to run for office. Our state is spiraling and we have the vision, the principles and philosophy and solutions to help the people in our state rise above the partisan division and reverse course. We can increase liberty, prosperity and hope to the citizens of our state.

Other Resources for Candidates

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