What is Campaign Buddy?

Step-by-Step Candidate Coaching - Customized for YOUR Campaign!

You want to run for office and BE the change you wish to see, but getting organized to win can be overwhelming!  Now there’s an affordable option for the start up candidate. Candidates have always been limited to doing it themselves, or hiring high priced consultants. Well – Ignite has the solution: Introducing Alex, your Campaign Buddy. He’ll guide you step-by-step through our video modules to empower “lunch box” candidates with the tools and information to not only win races but also make it fun!

The Course: Streaming on Demand

Are you Ready to Run? - 10 Questions to ask yourself

The single most important factor in the success or failure of a political campaign is the campaign’s message.  In other words: why are you running? The most important factor in creating a strong message is: do you believe it yourself? Are you passionate about it?  Click below to start!

deciding to run

Campaign Stages and Learning Modules




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