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Equipping the called for 2024 & beyond!

We help candidates, from local to national races, to plan and execute their campaigns with our innovative methods, education and technology.

to our 2022 Candidates

Our Mission: Help Candidates Win Elections

How we do it ...


Each campaign is different, requiring a customized win strategy to best utilize a candidate's time and resources.


Our experience helps you focus on what's most important to winning with our proven execution plan and step-by-step guide.


We provide an integrated platform to manage your campaign and your team, freeing you to target and engage the most likely voters.

Check out a 30 second intro showing how Ignite helps candidates plan and execute a successful campaign based on our team’s expertise, our proven methods and proprietary technology.

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Ignite sat down and talked with Jim Walsh of Washington’s 19th Legislative District. In this clip, Jim discusses the three key elements of running an effective campaign: fundraising, organizing a volunteer network, and messaging.

Why Partner with Ignite?

Organize Your Team

Are you stuck juggling spreadsheets and lists? We got tired of that too; so we built a tool for it. Organize your volunteers, activists, donors, and power partners with ease and engage them where they're paying attention – via text messaging!

Raise Money FAST

Nothing drags like a low budget on a campaign. Fortunately, we're not afraid to jump in and help with this. Whether it's fundraising from a database, online, or via events, we can help you land the budget you really need.

Win with Data

Our Technology Platform gives you an optimized website, integrated with social media, digital marketing and a proprietary campaign management database called RunningMate, powered by Voter Science analytics.

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