American Vector Book

American Vector – Road Tripping in the Age of Covid – 4 Volumes (4 book series)
Kindle Edition
by Jeff E. Jared (Author) , Michelle Darnell (Author)

From Book 1: If you want to fall in love with America, road trip across it. Michelle has told me, “I’ve always wanted to road trip across the breadth of the USA,” so that’s what we decided to do. After all, isn’t life a trip, and not a goal?

American Vector is a time capsule expressed through travelogue. Although not about finding one’s self, it is about finding America. In the Age of Covid. We did about 3 months on the road. 18 states and 5 major cities.

Our book is a synthesis and hybrid of travelogue and political commentary. Maybe 40% – 60%. And per the travelogue part, there are over 900 color photos in the book! There are so many photos, you’ll think you’re in the car with us!

We hope this book inspires conversation and gives some perspectives the reader may not have considered. We also hope the reader enjoys the beauty and culture of our Great Country, even as we face these tumultuous times. There’s really a lot to be thankful for in this great nation, as we fall in love with America again and hopefully you do too as you road trip with us across her.



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